a3-poster-talesJoin The Liverpool Players in their magical story corner for enchanting tales of beautiful mermaids and scurvy pirates. Featuring charming and funny children’s stories by authors such as Fred Blunt, Jonathan Emmett, and Julia Donaldson, there will be singing sea-maids, stolen treasure, swashbuckling sea dogs, and parrot poo galore!

Liverpool Literary Festival, Central Library, October 2016.
Being Human Festival, The Walker Gallery, November 2016.

Kahrie Carter – Mermaid and Pirate
Alexandra Claridge – Pirate
Laura Findlay – Mermaid and Pirate
Alexander Pardey – Captain Falsbeard,  Pirate, and Sam Sly
Sarah Peverley – Narrator
Madelaine Smart – Admiral Swinetoes, Pirate and Seagull
Cameron Steen – Captain Cutthroat, pirate, Annie the Acrobat
Geraint Williams – Captain Falsbeard, Pirate and Sam Sly