screenshot-2016-12-21-14-58-21Adapted from the anonymous fourteenth-century poem by The Liverpool Players. King Arthur’s court is celebrating New Year when a giant green knight interrupts the festivities, challenging the court to an ominous beheading contest, described as a ‘Christmas game’. Join Sir Gawain, King Arthur’s nephew, as he agrees to defend the honour of the Round Table by participating in the strange game. First performed at Speke Hall and Lady Lever Art Gallery (November-December 2014).

Cast and Crew
Morgan Le Fay – Madelaine Smart
Sir Gawain – Joseph Ramsden
King Arthur – Geoffrey Johnson
Queen Guinevere and The Porter – Lucy Bullimore
The Green Knight – Connor Brown
Lord Bertilak – Lewis Smith
Lady Bertilak – Priya Odedra

Directed by Madelaine Smart and Sarah Peverley.
Script by Gail Aubrey, Rebecca Drury, Geoffrey Johnson, Kathryn Porter, Joseph Ramsden, Madelaine Smart, and Beth Tynman.