Programme ImageAn abridged version of Mike Poulton’s Chaucer’s The Canterbury Tales. Performed at The Stanley Theatre, University of Liverpool, by Liverpool University Drama Society and The Liverpool Players.

Cast and Crew
Chaucer – Geraint Williams
The Host – Dominic Davies
The Pilgrims – Daniel Murphy, Shamus Cooke, Alex Webber-Date, Liam Hale, Trixie Roddick, George Parsons, Angela Hehir, Faisal Yousif.
The Players – Charles Adey, James Rooney, Lewis Smith, Imogen Wignall, Katie Overbury,  Jacob Lowman, Madelaine Smart, Johnny Campbell, Charlotte Wilson, George Trier.
Minstrels – Darren Begley (bodhrán), Alex Cottrell (psaltery), Sarah Peverley (harp) Meave Sullivan (flute).

Directed by Rio Matchett. Original music by Alex Cottrell

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